Refer Business Friends

You Give, You Get

Give a free 2500 points (equal to $25 credit) to a business friend and get 2500 points for your business, too. Simple as that. There’s no limit to the number of business friends to which you can give free points, so, invite as many businesses as you’d like. The more free points you give, the more free points you get!

You can use your points for discounts on design customization, creative services, and other marketing stuff.

Join our Referral Program when you join Evrmrk.

Refer Business Friends

Refer up to 3 Business Friends at a time

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Referral Program FAQs

How do I refer business friends?

To get started, simply invite your business friends to Evrmrk from this referral page. All your business friends have to do is use the link you send them to sign up for a paid Evrmrk membership via the link you send them. Once they do, you both get 2500 points credited to your accounts.

You can see how many referrals you’ve earned by logging into your Evrmrk account.

How do I earn free points for referring business friends?

You can get 2500 points added to your Evrmrk membership account by inviting your business friends to sign up for Evrmrk. If a business friend uses your invitation to sign up for a paid membership, and completes their account profile, both of you will receive points.

Members get Evrmrk referral points up to 2500 points per referral with unlimited potential for additional referrals.

You can see how many referrals you’ve earned by logging into your Evrmrk account.

Note: Your business friend needs to sign up for a paid Evrmrk membership and complete their account Profile in order for you to get the referral credit. Only signing up will not qualify.

Will I still get credit if my friend signs up using a different email address?

You can still get the referral points if your friend signs up with an email address that’s different from the one you sent the invitation to.

For you to get free points, your business friend needs to take the following easy steps:

  1. Use the link you sent to create a paid Evrmrk account
  2. Log in to their Evrmrk account
  3. Complete their account Profile

If your business friend receives referrals from multiple senders, the sender of the referral link that is used will get the bonus.